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He has engaged them in private conversations, in public talks and through the organization he founded, the Reformation Project. He was recently invited by the Rev. Caleb Kaltenbach, lead pastor of Discovery Church in Simi Valley, Calif, to talk privately with a small group of evangelical leaders to discuss what the Bible says about gay relationships.

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I'm Sam Killermann. I write, doodle, code, and fund this site If you dig what I'm doing here, I could really use the help:.

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The gospel carries enough offense. Many of my LGBT friends are not acting on their attraction. Even though they still identify as LGBT, they do not act on their attraction because they believe that this would be unfaithful to God.

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Within Christianitythere are a variety of views on sexual orientation and homosexuality. Even within a denomination, individuals and groups may hold different views and not all members of a denomination necessarily support their church's views on homosexuality. This article focuses on the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, covering how the extent to which the Bible mentions the subject, whether or not it is condemned, and whether the various passages apply today, have become contentious topics.

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He's sold more than to 4. On Sunday, September 14,he again became a big name in Christian circles, but for a much different reason. Ray Boltz officially came out to the world as a gay man through an article in "The Washington Blade.

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The words "gay" and "Christian" are not often used in the same sentence. Hateful speech disguised under the language of salvation has reined church services that are entirely dedicated to condemn homosexuality. Does it not defy the essence of God, who is an all-mighty being of unconditional love and acceptance?

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Share Save Image. Learn More: Should be acceptedShould be discouraged. Switch Display To: views about homosexuality among Christians by age group.

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Actually, a whole lot less than you might imagine! That may be hard to believe given the fierce rhetoric Christians often employ when talking about homosexuality, but there are really only seven passages in the Bible that refer directly to homosexual behavior, and none of them are associated with Jesus. Compare that to the more than verses on the proper use of wealth or more than on our responsibility to care for the poor and work for justice, and you appreciate quickly that homosexuality was not exactly a major theme of the Bible.

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Many gay men and lesbians claim that the Christian faith is the guiding rule of their lives. Some of them hold that their sexual orientation is given by God, that it is good, and that there is nothing wrong or sinful with their homosexual activities. These persons say that the Bible and Church Tradition do not condemn homosexual behaviour, but have been misinterpreted and misused, sometimes unknowingly and other times quite willfully, by prejudiced and hostile people who hate homosexuals.

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The purpose of this article is to provide clarity on a topic that has recently been debated within the Christian Church. Among the sexual sins punishable by death, incest, adultery, bestiality and homosexuality are all placed in the same category. Judaism was unequivocal in its stance toward homosexual relations; they were an abomination. There is not one syllable in the Bible from Genesis to Revelation that condones homosexual practice.


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