Unhappy parent of a transgender

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Gendered Intelligence is a not-for-profit Community Interest Company. Its mission is to increase understandings of gender diversity through creative ways. It works predominantly with the trans community, specialising in supporting young trans people.

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Madeleine Kearns. How can we help transgender children? This is a question greatly exercising politicians and many are confused about what to do.

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Your life vest is there somewhere but every time you get close to grabbing it, a wave takes you further away. It feels an awful lot like drowning in a sea of unknowns. And it can feel awfully scary and lonely.

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Photo via Michael Anes. Since the Trump administration's reinterpretation of Title IXtransgender and gender nonconforming TGNC youth are at risk of facing increased harassment, at school and beyond. Here is the advice they had for others working on behalf of the beloved young transgender people in their lives.

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Every family is unique, with different family dynamics, as well as cultural, social, and religious influences. Learn more about how these influences can affect the children in your life. Gender is more complex than most of us have been taught.

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If your child is struggling with their gender or thinks they are transgender, here is our advice and information on what you can do and where you can get help. People can often feel uncomfortable when talking about gender identity, sex and sexuality, and can get these terms confused. A child's sex is usually assigned at birth.

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Because transgender youth are usually dependent on their parents for care, shelter, financial support, and other needs, and because most doctors are reluctant to provide medical treatments to them, transgender youth face different challenges compared to adults. Transgender issues manifest at different times in life in different individuals. In most cases of gender dysphoriathe condition is often apparent in early childhood, when such a child may express behavior in-congruent with and dissatisfaction related to their assigned gender.

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Sometimes in younger children, this may surface with boys playing with dolls and other traditionally female toys, or girls who refuse to wear dresses or hate having long hair, along with a persistent, insistent and consistent cross gender identification. It is important to note that simply playing with toys or clothing usely associated with the opposite gender does not mean a trans outcome, and freedom of expression is important for children. Enforcing binary expectations is generally unhelpful but for trangender children, can be actively damaging.

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Social workers in a wide range of settings are encountering more teenagers who identify themselves as transgender. My clinical practice over the last eight years has been increasingly focused on these teens and their bewildered parents. When such a family arrives at my office, the parents are usually confused, fearful, disbelieving, and angry.

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